Propel Orthodontics in Maple Grove

The possibility of a beautiful smile in an accelerated time frame is attractive to many people. An innovative solution that does exactly that is the Propel System. It is a technologically advanced method that stimulates bone restructuring and produces a gorgeous smile in a faster way possible than ever before.


What Is Propel?

Propel is used in combination with other orthodontic devices like Invisalign or Braces. Its purpose is to boost bone growth in your upper and lower jaws. This is accomplished through the placement of micro osteo-perforations which allow the jaws to be more malleable for a more precise and quicker movement of your teeth. It is commonly used in teens and young adults because bone growth is still active.  

Correct placement of the micro osteo-perforations is identified through the use of orthodontic x-rays. Once placed, the perforations help blood to flow to the particular area needed which will increase tissue and bone re-growth. This revolutionary system takes only a few moments and a local anesthetic will be used.

 How Does It Work?

The Propel system triggers alveolar bone growth in your upper and lower jaw through a process known as Alveocentesis. This process allows the alveolar bone (the bone that encompasses teeth) to adapt better to the shifting of teeth. The use of Propel in conjunction with another orthodontic treatment allows teeth to move faster.

Propel is becoming more popular among adults who did not have serious malocclusions corrected when they were younger. It needs to be made clear that this procedure will take longer to heal in adults since bone growth is not active any longer.

Benefits of the Propel System

1. Pain-free and safe
2. Treatment time reduced
3. Can be used on adults or younger people
4. Improves upon orthodontic treatment
5. Beneficial to overall health and oral health

If this revolutionary procedure can help you obtain a beautiful smile, call us now.

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