Temporary Anchorage Devices (or TAD’s) in Maple Grove

Techniques in orthodontics change over time. Such is the case with TAD’s, a procedure that is becoming more and more well known by patients. Numerous questions concerning this process are being asked of our experienced orthodontics much more frequently. In an effort to help you become more familiar with this procedure, we have provided a brief explanation below. Should you have additional questions or think TAD’s may be appropriate for you, contact us for an appointment.


What is a Temporary Anchorage Device? 

A TAD, or temporary anchorage device, is composed of a titanium alloy screw or pin. To envision what the device does, you might picture it like an anchor on a ship. The device increases stability, much as the anchor does, to help the ship stay steady while in port. It is used in instances like space closure and bite closure and is attached to braces.  

How Does the TAD Procedure Work?

Looking back at our anchor analogy, the TAD’s purpose is to supply an anchorage point that pushes against your teeth to allow for better movement. Bone cells and other cells that attach your teeth to the bone reform and move when pressure is applied, such as through the use of braces. The temporary anchorage device helps ensure that only the specified teeth are moved.

Prior to the use of the titanium alloy, other teeth were often used as the anchorage point. It became clear quickly that the anchorage teeth were moving. The screws of the TAD can provide greater stability, making the process pain-free and safer. As it is a temporary device, it is removed when treatment is complete.

Maintaining the TAD Device

TAD’s require little maintenance. The only change is the use of an antimicrobial solution into which your soft bristle toothbrush is dipped.

Why Choose Maple Grove Ortho For Implanting Your TAD Device?

At Maple Grove Ortho our expertise in placing TAD’s is well known. Our friendly, inviting environment ensures that you will be received as if you were family. Once you feel comfortable, we will explain the entire procedure so that you will understand it and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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